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WellPet Humane heals sick pets one click at a time | News

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WellPet Humane heals sick pets one click at a time

CHAMBLEE, Ga. -- Imagine having a sick pet and knowing there's a cure you just can't afford.

It can be heartbreaking to pet owners, but an Atlanta vet clinic wants to make the price of survival a cost any one can afford.

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The clinic helped save the life of Dietrick Pierce's dog, Pierre.

"He's family," Pierce said.

A $1,000 surgery was needed to save Pierre's life. It's an operation Pierce couldn't afford when she discovered her dog's severe eye injury.

"I was scared for him and hurt and didn't know what it days going to do about it and I didn't have a enough funds for it," Pierce said.

Then she discovered WellPet Humane, a different kind of animal clinic with a full waiting room and a full commitment.

"If we feel like somebody us really in need and doesn't have the money to take care if of their animal we will offer them assistance," said Dr. Amy Orlin.

WellPet Humane takes in animals after private vets have turned patients away who couldn't afford to pay. The clinic finds a way to cover costs, posting photos of each pet in need online.

"It's a sort of pay it forward system," Orlin said.

You can choose who to help one click, one pet at a time. The website asks people to donate to the pet they think is most in need.

"I would not have been able to pay for it without their service," Pierce said.

WellPet Humane saved Pierre's life.

"He's going to go home and get him some treats," Pierce said.

The real treat for her is the gift of saving her best friend.

"They say he's doing real good," he said.

WellPet Humane is a full service vet clinic that offers affordable care as a side service to those who qualify. If an animal is in immediate need, the clinic will perform the surgery before the money is raised and simply save the donated cash for the next pet. To view a list of pets in need, visit wellpethumane.com.