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Finding her long, lost sister after more than 60 years | News

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Finding her long, lost sister after more than 60 years

ATLANTA (WXIA) – Kareemah Rasheed of Chamblee searched and searched for her sister who was adopted 62 years ago. After searching online for years, Rasheed says it has finally happened – she found her.

Her sister, Jennifer Simmons, who lives in Cleveland, didn’t know she had any family. That changed on Friday when Simmons traveled to Atlanta to meet Rasheed face-to-face.

They began a new sisterhood at age 62 and 72.

“I just found out about a month ago," Simmons said.

She lived a life in Cleveland with a secret her adpotive family took to its grave.

“Everyone died the same year my mother my father my aunt my uncle everybody passed away in 1991," she explained.

She may have never known, if not for a mix up at the DMV.  A copy of her birth certificate was required, and the records didn’t at up. 

“I kept saying it's obvious I exist, print one up," she said.

Well in to her fifties, Jennifer then realized she had another family… somewhere.

Her big sister always knew.  At age eleven their mother left the house pregnant and came home without a baby.

“Things weren't good in the family there's some bad problems and she just felt that she would have a better life.  I heard rumors of where she was but never had any concrete evidence," Rasheed said,

Those rumors led to a name and a search on facebook.

“I just randomly looked, and I saw a picture. I said she looks familiar she looks like she could be relative," she recalls.

It turns out she was.