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Friends of Anthony Hill push for DA to indict officer involved in fatal shooting. | News

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Friends of Anthony Hill push for DA to indict officer involved in fatal shooting.


DECATUR, Ga. -- It's been more than four months since Anthony Hill was shot and killed by a Dekalb County police officer.

DeKalb County's district attorney has yet to say whether he will seek charges against the officer involved.

Anthony Hill served in the Air Force. His family says he was diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder. He had stopped taking his medication two weeks before the shooting, upset about the side effects. His girlfriend, Bridget Anderson, says the medication was causing his tongue to swell and his jaw to lock. He had an appointment to talk with his doctor, but that wasn't for another week.

"I wake up everyday just thinking when is this nightmare going to be over," said Anderson, fighting back tears.

On Monday, Anderson, several veterans and a private investigator hired by the family's law firm talked about the day in March that Hill died, convinced more than ever the officer involved should face charges.

Hill was walking around his apartment complex naked when Dekalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen responded to a 911 call for help.

"He was not harmful to Officer Robert Olsen in any way. He was completely disrobed, and unarmed," said Anderson.

"On his belt he had a baton, he had pepper spray mace and he had a taser. But the first weapon drawn was the firearm and he shot Anthony two times," added investigator Eric Echols.

Hill's friends and family want the district attorney to skip the grand jury process and indict the officer now. Dekalb has started using civil grand juries to vet cases first.

"When you take something to a civil process its like you're asking permission from the citizens," said Echols.

But the DA's office argues it adds transparency and another set of eyes. So far this year, the panel has recommended the DA take two officer involved shootings to a criminal grand jury. One case is from November 2012. A Dunwoody police officer shot and killed Bradley Almy during a car chase near Perimeter Mall. The other occurred in January, 2013. In that case, Avondale Police Sergeant shot and killed Jayvis Benjamin. A spokesman at the DA's office says neither case has gone yet before a criminal grand jury for possible indictment.

The DA's office says Hill's family won't have to wait years though to get their answer. It expects they should know the civil grand jury's recommendation by the end of August.

"He was murdered over in Dekalb County, somebody needs to be responsible for what happened to him. Law enforcement, they have to be responsible," said retired Lt. Col. Amos King, who has helped the family advocate for accountability.