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Family of Anthony Hill speaks for the first time | News

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Family of Anthony Hill speaks for the first time

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (WXIA) -- The mother and grandmother of Anthony Hill walked slowly to the makeshift memorial at the Heights Of Chamblee apartment complex.

"This is where my son took his last breath," said Carolyn Baylor-Giummo.

Baylor-Giummo spoke to her son over the phone Sunday, March 9, 2015 just hours before he was shot and killed by an officer.


"It was a good conversation. I was planning to come visit for his birthday. We said I love yous," said Baylor-Giummo.

On Monday, March 10, 2015, DeKalb County police received a 911 call about a naked man wandering the apartment complex acting erratically. That man was 23 year-old Anthony Hill.


Hill's mother says her son served in the Air Force and was deployed to Afghanistan. She says it was there that he was diagnosed as bipolar and later given a medical discharge.

"He complained that his medication was giving him side effects. I know now he was off his meds. He was scheduled to go back to the VA and talk to the doctor in a week," said Baylor-Giummo.

She says it was Hill's girlfriend who said Hill had been off his meds for 10 days prior to the shooting.

DeKalb County Officer Robert Olsen responded to the 911 call. According to the department, Hill was unclothed and unarmed, but lunged at Officer Olsen and Officer Olsen shot and killed Hill.

"Where was the weapon? Why didn't the officer ask him some questions. He's naked. He has no weapon. You know, he's not verbally abusing you. You're the cop that's trained to handle situations like this," said Baylor-Giummo.

Hill's family also questions why Officer Olsen didn't use a less lethal method to subdue him. The police department confirms he had both a taser and pepper spray on his duty belt.

Hill's grandmother, Theola Baylor, described him as full of love, wanting to be a role model for young people and committed to his music.

As for the shooting, she said she welcomes the current GBI investigation to find out what exactly happened.

"I don't hate the cop. I pray for him I pray for him because I feel like one day he's going to have to give an account to the maker above," said Baylor.