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Package Deliveries Can Be Easy Target For Thieves. | News

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Package Deliveries Can Be Easy Target For Thieves.

Kavin Taylor was out with his dog in Chamblee Thursday morning, when he spotted the FedEx guy leaving a package at his neighbor's house.
Nothing unusual there, except for the fact that his neighbor wasn't home. And the package was a giant box containing a 47-inch TV.
"I asked were they home, and he said 'no,'" said Taylor. "And I said 'Well, are you just going to leave the TV there?' And he said 'Yeah, that's what we do.' And I said 'I think I saw something on the news today that says that's not what you do.'"
In fact, Taylor did see it on the news on 11Alive and the Today Show to be exact.
The story focused on just how easy it is for thieves to take packages left outside and unsecured on people's property.
Taylor confronted the driver about the big-screen TV.
"I said 'I think you just lost a customer in me, because that's not acceptable to me. You just can't leave something that expensive on a doorstep.'"
But the fact is they can, especially if you don't ask to sign for it.
In the end it was Taylor who signed for the television after volunteering to accept it in his neighbor's stead.
"I emailed a friend about this situation and she said I'm sure the TV's going to look good in your living room," Taylor chuckled. "I felt if no one had been watching, and I was dishonest, yeah... that could've been my TV. That could've been anyone's TV."
11Alive reached out to FedEx but couldn't get a comment on our story Thursday evening. However, their website makes it clear that without a direct signature or in-person delivery requested, it's up to the driver to use his or her discretion on whether or not to leave the package.
Presumably, that discretion would also equal common sense.