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11-year-old says she was shown classmate's sexting photo | News

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11-year-old says she was shown classmate's sexting photo

DEKALB Co., Ga. (WXIA) -- An 11-year-old elementary school student in DeKalb County is claiming she was shown an inappropriate photo of a male classmate's body part -- by the assistant principal at her school.

The child's name is Azure Dasgupta; she is a student at DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts. Azure says she was wrongfully accused of sending a photo of a boy's private area to a female classmate.

Thursday afternoon, Azure and her mother held a press conference with their new attorney.

They say assistant principal Yolanda Beavers was investigating the potential sexting case and believed Azure had sent the picture, because Azure's name had shown up on the phone of the girl who received the photo.

This is when, according to Azure's family, Ms. Beavers called Azure into her office to confront her during school on Monday.

The 11-year-old said she was asked, "Have you been sending inappropriate text messages to your friends in school?"

"And I said, 'I don't have anybody's number in this school,'" Azure told reporters. "And then she showed me the pictures."

Added mother Sarquetta Grayer, "It came to be that the little girl in the school had put my daughter's name on her boyfriend's phone, on this little boy's phone whose pictures were in it, to cover it from her mom."

A spokesperson for DeKalb County School System declined to go on camera, but sent 11Alive News this statement:

"These allegations are of serious concern to the School District. The Office of Internal Affairs began an investigation early today to determine if District policies and procedures were followed. Based on those findings, the District will take action as appropriate."

Azure's mother says she went to the school the next day; she says Ms. Beavers apologized and claimed to have "dropped the ball". But the family remains unsatisfied and wants the assistant principal to resign. They are not pressing charges yet but are hoping the increased attention will force DeKalb County School System to, in their words, "do the right thing."


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